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The best web development blogs you should read

Knowing where to start from such a huge field can be rather tough. We all know that creating software is quite complicated, as there are many things to be considered. The more you practice the more you will know, and with so many developers who are ready to share their experience, it could be difficult to find the right ones.

Below, you have the most useful web development blogs that you should read if you would like to be on the top of your web development game. In order to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends when it comes to web development, there is a lot of research you need to do. And to make that life a lot easier, you are welcome to check out the blogs suggested below.

1. Six Revisions

This is not a classic web development blog, at least not anymore. Now, it is seen as a major news site for web developers. Six Revisions is a blog that is designed to publish useful and practical articles for all web developers as well as designers. The articles are published regularly; usually, you will get one or more articles every 2-5 days.

2. Specky Boy

This blog calls itself a design magazine. The publisher of Specky Boy is called Andrew Paul, and he does not only focus on design resources, but he also provides a lot of interesting and useful insight when it comes to the latest web technologies. Specky Boy is the perfect choice for front-end developers since this blog is surely one of the better sources for staying up-to-date with everything.

3. WebResourcesDepot

With their daily updates, WebResourcesDepot never ceases to stay up-to-day with the newest web-development technologies. WebResourcesDepot is considered a great web development blog, where all developers could find some informative and educational posts. It is definitely the perfect blog to follow for web developers.

4. Smashing Magazine

Another well-known news site is called Smashing Magazine, and it cannot be ignored. They update their website every other day and offer incredible resources about CSS, HTML as well as JavaScript-related topics. So, if those are some things that you might be interested in, make sure to visit Smashing Magazine.

5. David Walsh

Once you get yourself a bit more comfortable in the field of software development, it is time to check out what David Walsh has to offer. This is a rather interesting blog with lots of amazing articles about JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, CSS, jQuery, and a lot more. So, make sure that you check out this web-development blog!

6. OnextraPixel

While OnextraPixel, also called OXP, is more of a web design blog than a web development one, it is definitely worth checking out. It provides some of the most useful articles when it comes to web development as well. Whether you are searching for an article talking about useful HTML5 tips, or you are searching for a new jQuery library, you will definitely find the right content on OnextraPixel.

7. Stoyan’s

A personal blog from Stoyan Stefanov is definitely a web development blog that is worth the mention. He is a Facebook engineer as well as an author to some incredibly interesting books. This is a great place to discover new articles, frameworks, and tools.

8. Coding Horror

Jeff Atwood’s blog titled Coding Horror is another great resource. It has a lot of great insights when it comes to the development of software engineering. You will be able to get many great tips as well as resources while reading about Jeff Atwood’s personal experiences.

9. Alex Sexton

Another personal blog that you might want to pay attention to is from Alex Secxton, and he covers a broad variety of topics related to JavaScript. They are all written in a very plain and easy to understand way, so it is a great place for beginners. You might also be able to discover many new trends and tools on his blog.

10. Paul Irish

From creating tools that are designed to improve your workflow and making the life of web developers easier, to being a web developer himself, you must have heard about Paul Irish. Currently, he is working at Google, on Google Chrome DevTools. Paul Irish has a personal blog where he shares his helpful insights on a regular basis and publishes many interesting web developing articles.


Considered as an aspiring website that publishes tutorials, articles, and videos about the node, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AngularJS, and a lot more, is obviously on this list. This is definitely a place to check out if you are simply searching for some inspiration, as well as development resources.

The best corporate tech blogs

Other than the ones mentioned, there are some corporate web development blogs that are definitely worth checking out. You could consider visiting Netflix Tech Blog, Code as Craft (Etsy’s tech blog), Dropbox Tech section, Facebook Engineering, and Twitter Engineering blog.

Usersnap; is it a web development blog?

Well, Usersnap is a blog that writes about web development, so yes, it is considered a web development blog. Their focus is more on the test-driven or user-driven development, as well as the engagement of end-users to make improvements and informed decisions for the product developments and designs.

It is important to stay informed!

To become a good web developer is to not only gain skill but also stay informed of new trends and technologies that come your way. The above-listed blogs are designed to help you with that. Of course, one is not supposed to follow them all, you should find a web developer’s blog that best suits your taste and needs.

So, take your time and make sure to properly explore each blog before you choose the one that is the best for you. With so many options, that should not be a difficult task. Just make sure that you stay on top of things, rends, and new technologies in the world of web development.

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