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The 5 web developing trends that are shaping 2020

Technology plays a major role when it comes to the creation of great user experience. Creating products and services that will remove friction is still something companies invest on. But, as well all know, the web is pretty cluttered as it is, with over 200 million active websites and 1.8 billion + active web-apps. The only way for something to catch our attention, is to stand out from the crowd.

1. Online Chatbots/Support

We all like to have instant support, no matter the service or product we purchased. Because of this, we have started evolving the technology behind online assistants and chatbots, as it is the most important or rather crucial part in the coming years. Online assistants and Chatbots are available 24/7, and they tend to be on different levels. For example, some are as advanced for you to address simple inquires, point individuals straight to purchases or lead them to certain products.

A good example would the the Facebook messenger, created by Lego, a simple chatbox that is designed to help engage fans while also being able to aid customers during the holiday seasons. Ralph is the name of the gift bot, and he was created to dig into the huge inventory of Lego, making lots of great gift suggestions that will match both the age and preference.

Ralph is a bot that definitely offers ease to all the site visitors, as well as amazing opportunities for sales, to the new company owners, making their development incremental. Help from such a bot will always make our lives so much easier.

2. Progressive Web Apps

Why are Progressive Web Apps so interesting and desirable? Well, the simple reason for that is the fact that these apps are designed to give users very similar experience to that of mobile apps. This means that even the users with the low-spec smartphones do not need to download them from an app store, to be satisfied. On top of that, Progressive Web Apps are created in a way to operate on a low-bandwidth, and once they are installed on the browsers, you can use them without internet connection.

The new possibilities, as we can all see, that they are offering are quite important. This is the reason why bigger companies, such as Google, have started to already employ them to their benefit. For example, one of the progressive web apps is the Google Maps Progressive App, which is an app all android users have. It will allow users to take advantage of the basic functionalities that we can find in the app, thus allowing our experience to be simple yet satisfying.

Because of this, the progressive web apps will surely be trending this year. The best thing about them is that they are a lot less challenging to produce, when talking about development, not to mention that they also require close moment stacking.

3. Motion User Interface

Companies are searching for new and creative ways that would make them stand out from the crowd, which is why there are so many different web developing trends that are being used in 2020. The creation of animated user interface, Motion UI, is one of the growing trends that will help us bring digital products to life. Because of that, it will offer great user experience as well.

When talking about web development, the creation of animated user interface is seen as the fast-growing library as it has allowed developers to animate their content, (from fonts, colors, space, etc.) on a very simple way, without a solid foundation in jQuery or JS library.

4. Responsive Web Design

It can be seen as surprising that the responsive web design is seen as an ongoing trend, even in 2020, and not the web design and development. With that said, the responsive-first trend of web development of this year is bound to rise as the users are expecting to have curated and seamless experiences from websites they often visit when they are on the go.

This also means that the teams who have built online products have to think about prioritizing mobile experiences over desktop, especially when it comes to the UI design, add-ons like widgets and plug-ins, and content format.

5. Voice Search

The last one on the list is definitely the voice search, which is not a trend that should be seen as a surprise. The ability of using a digital voice assistant has become very popular, and once users start to use them correctly, they will offer countless of opportunities to everyone.

First of all, they are more than affordable, as smartphones are already equipped with them, not to mention that the domestic speakers are not that pricey. However, the most important thing for you to understand is that they are very easy for use, and that means that even the seniors will be able to interact with them, without the need of learning new tricks, or time to get a hang of everything.

Importance of optimizing websites

For all the mentioned reasons, and many others, companies are searching for new ways to make their websites more accessible for everyone. Voice search has actually been a major trend in e-commerce web development, and it could also be applied to many business sites. This means that the companies, who would like to be one step ahead, and stay in the game, should optimize their website for voice search.

Overall, the goal of web development in 2020 is to help change the way we think about web developing in general. It will inspire developers to become creative and think outside of the box, while employing new technologies to build and deliver better quality products and services.

This is why companies have to keep an open mind when it comes to the usability of their websites, and their overall creativeness. They need to create something that does not only stand from the crowd, but also an interface or website that is not too complicated for the users to understand and use, without the need of reading any instructions.

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